12. prosince 2015

No update for a long time - new project?

Hello guys as you may know I abadonded this site long time ago, because I haven't got enough time and stuff like that. Anyway there is a new project called FunThruLens, all about cars techs gadgets and other great stuff. Don't forget to check it out.

Its on:



Thank you for your big support. :)

14. září 2012

Euro truck simulator 2 - more beta videos

We are all awaiting the new truck simulator from Prague SCS software. But its still not there. I think that the game is ready but there are lot of bugs to solve. Thats why

Iphone 5 is out ... disappointed ?? sure

So Apple finally released new iphone. I was following the things about iphone lately so I know that there will be much interesting things going on lately. First of all there is a problem with LTE. Apple is using pattents from HTC and Samsung and that means these two companies will be again fighting against Iphone to stop selling in the USA. Another problem for

12. září 2012

Apple Iphone 5 Live Stream

New iphone will be released in a few minutes

Check out with us the livestream

Go to this page http://live.gizmodo.com/

(You must have QuickTimePlayer installed)

17. srpna 2012

SCS Software's blog: Back from Gamescom 2012

SCS Software's blog: Back from Gamescom 2012: A small team from SCS Software made a quick two-day trip to Cologne, Germany, to "talk business" at Gamescom , the biggest European game sh...

27. února 2012

Nokia 808 - Camera killing phone 41MPX is here !!!

Nokia 808 Pureview is here. It has astonishing 41MPX camera sensor with Carl Zeiss optics which is basically taking photos in the resolution of 5MPX without loosing quality while zooming. This technology splits every pixel to 8 another small pixels. This means that