27. února 2011

Storm weather in TDU 2

I really like the weather which is build really beautifully. Here is a sample of Storm weather condition

TDU 2 released with bugs

As some of you may know Test Drive Unlimited 2 was released a few weeks ago. I was really looking forward to it because it had to be released sooner, in autumn 2010, but they said that there are a lot of bugs so they released it now. But still there are some majour bugs which haven't been solved even they had a large community of beta testers including me.

26. února 2011

Sound quality comparsion

I compared Nokia 5800, Nokia N8 and HTC desire how they act in playing music over the speakers. Winner is Nokia 5800 because she has the best bass quality from these three. HTC hasn't got too much bass at all ... so not good for listening music over speakers :). N8 has medium quality from 5800 but has only one speaker which is also a case of not too great speaker sound. Enjoy the video

25. února 2011

New Firmware for ^3 during march ??

As you may heard from news all over the world Nokia connected with Microsoft, which means that we can sooner or later see windows mobile 7 in our nokia phones. And it also means that the new PR2.0 release of ^3 firmware will be postponed for some weeks. So now some new image was released and it looks like that we can get biggest update for our phones in history of Nokia.

9. února 2011

Making funvideo Angry Birds

I'm making an Angry birds fun video, there is a lot of work with painting birds :D But i think it will be good :)

7. února 2011

Finally new upgrade for Nokia N8 PR1.1

After really long waiting there is finally new update for our Nokia N8. There are some improvement but not a lot.