29. ledna 2011

Display problems with N8

As you may hear, a lot of people having problem with reddish colours on theirs N8 displays. I have the same problem too, so i asked nokia to send me replacement. But the replacement has the same problem. So my idea is "Can it be the firmware problem ??" My trial Nokia has different product code from these too and haven't got these problems. I hope nokia know about this problem and solve it as soon as possible. I found out that on the daylight, you can't see this problem but if you are somewhere dark, this problem is major. Some colours are reddish and when you watching films there are not smooth transitions between colours. It's really dissapointing me. I'm waiting urgently on new firmware and hope that it fix this problem. There are some pictures where you can see what am I talking about ....

21. ledna 2011

Nokia N8 blue & black photogallery

Hi, my N8 winning package just arrived and luckily arrived in blue colour :) which is really stylish. You can also see N-gage QD and my old 5800. Enjoy the gallery.

18. ledna 2011

New software update for N8

New small software update including the ability to play videos with subtitles ... finaly :)
There is also new aplication which (if you have the new headset) enable digital radio with briliant sound ... quite useless for now

Nokia N8 Video editor

I forgot to add this small video review about Video editor to my review so here it is and ENJOY. If you have any questions be free to ask ;-)

N8 notifiing on missed calls

I really like the style of key blinking. When you miss some call or message and telephone goes to screensaver mode, button light has really nice effect like flying plane. +1 to nokia :)


16. ledna 2011

Free games from OVI store

Free games available on OVI store 

If you want really great looking HD games and download them for free, go to ovi store. There are some great titles that should not be overlooked. I will look at some of them.

Nokia N8 review

I received a trial pack from nokia so here is my small review of Nokia N8 new nokia´s flagship

7. ledna 2011

Nokia N8 Self unboxing video

Im working on a review and while i was doing that i did this video with self unboxing nokia N8 hope youll enjoy it

6. ledna 2011

I Received N8producers package :)

In christmas time i had an idea to make a movie about normal life of my nokia 5800. I found great page from nokia Womworld where can you find lots of great articles, reviews etc. I told them my idea and finally nice person from Womworld ask me over mail if i want to test Nokia´s new flagship and make my idea come true. I was really pleasantly surprised :) And now after three days my Nokia packet is here and im thinking also about some small action movie.

SEE some photos what is included in N8 producers packet :)