27. února 2011

TDU 2 released with bugs

As some of you may know Test Drive Unlimited 2 was released a few weeks ago. I was really looking forward to it because it had to be released sooner, in autumn 2010, but they said that there are a lot of bugs so they released it now. But still there are some majour bugs which haven't been solved even they had a large community of beta testers including me.
Bugs like cars dissapearing or game crashing are still there. When your driving over country you suddenly crash into something but in fact there is nothing in front of a car. Or friend connect to you over map and suddenly you dissapear from his/her view. Strange thinks still happening in game. Eden announce that they will release a big patch as soon as possible and there will be two DLC cars available. Sport Lancia delta and legendary Dodge Charger 1969. Here you can see one of the funny bugs in the game

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