22. března 2011

Three coloured N8

Three colours of the new Nokia N8 and comparsion to her older sister 5800
enjoy :)

14. března 2011

Nokia BH-901i headset review

For the last two weeks I had a chance to test great new headset from nokia called BH-905i. I can tell you that I haven't got any better headphones in my hands in my life. This headset is a combination of style, function and prestige. Read More ....

PR2.0 is coming soon on ^3

 Long awaiting firmware PR2.0 for symbian ^3 devices is behind the door. It will be released in a few days and I'm really looking forward to. Here some small list of main features

2. března 2011

Crysis 2 Demo Out !!!

Many of you are expecting the new Crysis 2 for PC. Because it is running on Cry Engine 3 you will expect that it will be even better than the first episode of Crysis. But you will be dissapointed. Here is a small video preview that I made. Enjoy (but you will not enojy)