31. prosince 2011

New Gameplay videos from GTA IV on my laptop

I'm running the Acer Aspire Timelinex 5830TG with with GT540M 2gb, 4GB DDR3 and Intel Core i5 dual core.
These videos are made using ingame video editor

Boot Time test - SGSII, Nokia N9 and N8

Nokia N9 design of the new Nokia flagship

Looking Back: Nokia N-gage & N-gage QD design overview

USB DVBT cool gadget from Dealextreme

Acer Aspire Timelinex 5830TG small look

16. listopadu 2011

8. října 2011

Symbian Belle out really soon :)

New info arrived today from Nokia. Really great information for us that Symbian Belle will start to roll out to all symbian anna devices on 26th of october. Update will be available through OTA and over Nokia PC suite. I think that everyone must love this message because 
as you may remember we waited for Symbian anna for really long time so 
Nokia woke up and we will have our Belle just a few months after it was official from Nokia

Here in previous post you can read about some main improvements which will Symbian Belle bring to our devices.

25. září 2011

My N8 after 8months of use

I have my Nokia N8 since January 2011 and its nearly nine months now so here are some photos how my mobile look after I've been using it without any covering bag.

23. září 2011

24. srpna 2011

New nokia phones and Symbian Belle

Nokia Symbian launch event in Hong Kong brings new mobile phones with new reworked Symbian Belle and also Symbian Belle itself and new NFC enabled headset. Update for "old" devices like Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, E7, X7 will be available in the 4th quarter this year, this mean we can expect it from october. SO everybody now hoped that we will get it as soon as possible. Some of you are now using leaked version of Symbian Belle but you're missing a lot of features which will have the final version. So let's take a look at new Nokia phones and symbian belle..............

23. srpna 2011

Camera update for Nokia N8 v2

There is another update for Nokia N8s camera. Update is now adding 30 FPS support for video recording. Test it and tell what you think :)

You can download it here (you must be logged)

22. srpna 2011

Brand new BMW M5 F10!

Camera update for Nokia N8

Just a few days after Anna update we gets another small update especially for Nokia N8, the "only" photo phone from Nokia. It brings close-up option for video recording and its working quite well, better than the mod that I used before. And also UI improvements, now you have important setting accessible easily. Here is a small review of camera UI and also a sample how nokia can shot macro or close-up shots. And btw there is no annoying sound when recording close-up videos :)

Watch in HD on youtube

11. srpna 2011

Asphalt 6: adrenaline review

          Hello everyone. Few days ago Gameloft finally relesed something that lots of people are waiting for. They release Symbian ^3 version of their "new" Asphalt 6 with subtitle Adrenaline. Is it a real adrenaline or not. Lets see.
          When you start the game, usual gameloft animation will welcome you and than your looking at the starting screen with Pagani Zonda. Loading is quite fast :)

7. srpna 2011

Purple tint gone on Symbian Anna ??

We are urgently waiting for the release of the new software update for symbian ^3 phones including N8, C7, C6 and E7 called Symbian Anna. It will bring new Web browser, new icons and many improvements in software. And also we are expecting that it will solve the bad purple tint about what i wrote earlier. And some users who are now using the leaked China version of symbian Anna said that purple tint is gone on their Phone's after update so maybe we finally get the full potencional from our AMOLED screens. Finally Nokia is getting better.

Here is maybe only prove for now that Symbian Anna really solved the problem

EDIT: 18.8 - Its not solved and its still here, but clock and themes are made without gradient so its invisible.

4. srpna 2011

N8 OTG powered cooling fan

I ordered really useful thing on the internet. Thanks to USB OTG in my N8 you can connect almost everything and now when in my country are really hot days this thing starting to be really useful. Thanks for this function

1. srpna 2011

Symbian Belle demoed on video

I found a really interesting video on the internet. Its showing another firmware for Nokia ^3 phones and it will come maybe Q1 next year. I really looking forward, what about you :) ??

25. července 2011

Dealextreme gadgets

You should try to shop in a really great chinnese shop dealextreme.com. You can find there nearly everything from gadgets to useful things. Here are some things which I ordered :)

6. května 2011

N8 different way of filming

      I thinking about how to film some great movies when I go on my bike around country and my idea came quickly. I bought this great holder from "dealextreme.com" than I use my early received tripod from "womworld" and combinated it with my helmet for cycling .. and here it is. Phone is hold really firmly so no need to worry of destroying your lover :) everything cost me about 25$ so nothing really horrible :) I will post some results later ;-)

2. května 2011

Nokia N8 green vs blue

I have two videos for you there, which one would you buy or choose ?? Do you like another colour than these ?? :)

10. dubna 2011

Spring is here - N8 photo gallery

I went outside to see how the "quality of weather" improved :D Sun is shining and every living organism is now waking up from their sleep. So there are some photos and videos with my N8 while i was on trip around country :) I'm really, really impressed about quality of photos and videos every detail is catched, you won't say that this is made by nice thin mobile phone

14. března 2011

Nokia BH-901i headset review

For the last two weeks I had a chance to test great new headset from nokia called BH-905i. I can tell you that I haven't got any better headphones in my hands in my life. This headset is a combination of style, function and prestige. Read More ....

PR2.0 is coming soon on ^3

 Long awaiting firmware PR2.0 for symbian ^3 devices is behind the door. It will be released in a few days and I'm really looking forward to. Here some small list of main features

2. března 2011

Crysis 2 Demo Out !!!

Many of you are expecting the new Crysis 2 for PC. Because it is running on Cry Engine 3 you will expect that it will be even better than the first episode of Crysis. But you will be dissapointed. Here is a small video preview that I made. Enjoy (but you will not enojy)

27. února 2011

Storm weather in TDU 2

I really like the weather which is build really beautifully. Here is a sample of Storm weather condition

TDU 2 released with bugs

As some of you may know Test Drive Unlimited 2 was released a few weeks ago. I was really looking forward to it because it had to be released sooner, in autumn 2010, but they said that there are a lot of bugs so they released it now. But still there are some majour bugs which haven't been solved even they had a large community of beta testers including me.

26. února 2011

Sound quality comparsion

I compared Nokia 5800, Nokia N8 and HTC desire how they act in playing music over the speakers. Winner is Nokia 5800 because she has the best bass quality from these three. HTC hasn't got too much bass at all ... so not good for listening music over speakers :). N8 has medium quality from 5800 but has only one speaker which is also a case of not too great speaker sound. Enjoy the video

25. února 2011

New Firmware for ^3 during march ??

As you may heard from news all over the world Nokia connected with Microsoft, which means that we can sooner or later see windows mobile 7 in our nokia phones. And it also means that the new PR2.0 release of ^3 firmware will be postponed for some weeks. So now some new image was released and it looks like that we can get biggest update for our phones in history of Nokia.

9. února 2011

Making funvideo Angry Birds

I'm making an Angry birds fun video, there is a lot of work with painting birds :D But i think it will be good :)

7. února 2011

Finally new upgrade for Nokia N8 PR1.1

After really long waiting there is finally new update for our Nokia N8. There are some improvement but not a lot.

29. ledna 2011

Display problems with N8

As you may hear, a lot of people having problem with reddish colours on theirs N8 displays. I have the same problem too, so i asked nokia to send me replacement. But the replacement has the same problem. So my idea is "Can it be the firmware problem ??" My trial Nokia has different product code from these too and haven't got these problems. I hope nokia know about this problem and solve it as soon as possible. I found out that on the daylight, you can't see this problem but if you are somewhere dark, this problem is major. Some colours are reddish and when you watching films there are not smooth transitions between colours. It's really dissapointing me. I'm waiting urgently on new firmware and hope that it fix this problem. There are some pictures where you can see what am I talking about ....

21. ledna 2011

Nokia N8 blue & black photogallery

Hi, my N8 winning package just arrived and luckily arrived in blue colour :) which is really stylish. You can also see N-gage QD and my old 5800. Enjoy the gallery.

18. ledna 2011

New software update for N8

New small software update including the ability to play videos with subtitles ... finaly :)
There is also new aplication which (if you have the new headset) enable digital radio with briliant sound ... quite useless for now

Nokia N8 Video editor

I forgot to add this small video review about Video editor to my review so here it is and ENJOY. If you have any questions be free to ask ;-)

N8 notifiing on missed calls

I really like the style of key blinking. When you miss some call or message and telephone goes to screensaver mode, button light has really nice effect like flying plane. +1 to nokia :)


16. ledna 2011

Free games from OVI store

Free games available on OVI store 

If you want really great looking HD games and download them for free, go to ovi store. There are some great titles that should not be overlooked. I will look at some of them.

Nokia N8 review

I received a trial pack from nokia so here is my small review of Nokia N8 new nokia´s flagship

7. ledna 2011

Nokia N8 Self unboxing video

Im working on a review and while i was doing that i did this video with self unboxing nokia N8 hope youll enjoy it

6. ledna 2011

I Received N8producers package :)

In christmas time i had an idea to make a movie about normal life of my nokia 5800. I found great page from nokia Womworld where can you find lots of great articles, reviews etc. I told them my idea and finally nice person from Womworld ask me over mail if i want to test Nokia´s new flagship and make my idea come true. I was really pleasantly surprised :) And now after three days my Nokia packet is here and im thinking also about some small action movie.

SEE some photos what is included in N8 producers packet :)