14. března 2011

Nokia BH-901i headset review

For the last two weeks I had a chance to test great new headset from nokia called BH-905i. I can tell you that I haven't got any better headphones in my hands in my life. This headset is a combination of style, function and prestige. Read More ....
14 days ago the medium package from dhl arrived. I was really looking forward to it so I didn't wait and open it. I was pleasantly surprised how the accesories look like. There was a big case from leatherette for the headphones Nokia CP-511 and another bag for lot of cables. This case is really, really stylish moreover when it is in white colour. Even the hanger is covered from dirt. On the back of this case is smooth piece of cloth. Then when you unzip it, you will find the best headset on the world .. white BH-905i. 
 There is another small case where is the main accessories stored. It including three different cables.

Nokia CA-144U - the extension cable for audio (about 1,7m long)
Nokia CA-182U - cable for audio compatible with iphones 3,5mm jack (about 1,2m)
Nokia CA-143U - audio cabel to connect with Nokia AV 3,5mm connector(about 1,2m)
Then you can find there an audio adapter for VOIP calls Nokia AD-77.
Lets go to smaller things
Nokia AD-71 - audio adapter to plane (I never see that kind of accessory)
AD-70 - for the home theater and other audio gadgets with 6,3mm connector
AD-63 - an adapter for the standard 3,5mm connector

AD-52 - an adapter for nokia AV 2,5mm connector

In the basic package you will also find the Nokia standard AC-15 charger but also in white. And finally the manual. I goggled at the languages what are in manual :D
Now there is a good time to tell you something about this god's invention.

Nokia Bh-905i headphones are made from plastic but from hard plastic so you can't see or hear any gaps or inaccuracies in the processing.
 The part when you usually hold the headphones is covered by white leatherette and nice silver Nokia logo is there.
The headphones are adjustable to fit your size of head. Speakers(left and right which you have on your ears) can rotate in the angle of approximately 100 degrees.
On the left speaker you can find the main function of these headphones called Active Noise Cancelation .. shortly ANC as it is written there. It uses 8 microphones aroung headphones. When you switch it the green diode lights. Than you will face the best soundproof system. I tried that in school where are too many people talking at same time and listening to music was like that I'm in the class alone. Really works great.
Next to the switcher is connector for charger.
Right speaker has more functions. There are the controls for the music player. The main button with small phone on it. The play/pause button and forward/backward button. There are the volume buttons on the side also. Next to it is a connector for accessories that i mentioned before.
When your compatible phone (it is great because the headphones are universaly compatible), so every phone with A2DP profile has the bluetooth turned on, hold the main button for 5 seconds and then the green small diode lights indicating that headphones are connecting. A few seconds later phone tells you that headphones are connected and you can start listen to your favourite music.
Same it is when you want to switch them off (hold 5seconds and red diode light will show, showing you that headphones are turned off)
Headphones had two options how to listen music. If you push main button once you will hear mega bass effect. I really enjoy the bass part of the music as I listen mainly to Trance music. If you push twice you will hear stereo widening effect. They also easily fit on your ears, these (how can I name it) pillows with speakers are soft and pleasant to the touch.
If I can say something about quality of reproduction it can be said by one word "AWESOME". I compare it with my one year old Sennheiser HD 201 headphones and the BH-905i is a big winner. So clear listen to music with addition of bass reflex makes real listening pleasure.
 Great advantage of these headphones is that they are wireless with such great music reproduction. I use them every day for approximately 4hours and they need to charge only twice over the two weeks, that is another advantage and I can continue.....

Thanks to guys from WomWorldNokia for a chance to test them it was real pleasure furthermore, when I'm addicted to music :D

Thanks for reading ... question to WomWorld "Will there be a chance to win them because I'm totally addicted to them ??" :)

Oh and I nearly forgot, everything there is shot on Nokia N8 :)

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