14. září 2012

Iphone 5 is out ... disappointed ?? sure

So Apple finally released new iphone. I was following the things about iphone lately so I know that there will be much interesting things going on lately. First of all there is a problem with LTE. Apple is using pattents from HTC and Samsung and that means these two companies will be again fighting against Iphone to stop selling in the USA. Another problem for
apple is that "clever" Chinese company patent design of leaked device that finally was the original new iphone 5. So could be another problem in China.

But lets get summarize up the things what iphone 5 brings. And there are not much of them.

New Iphone is now lighter thinner and higher. Thinner about 18% than the previous Iphone 4s and higher about 1,5cm than the previous version. Finally there is a bigger screen which brings more space for another line of icons in the menu. Also resolution is higher up to 640x1136.

It has better connectivity like wifi for 2,4Ghz and also 5Ghz. LTE which I mentioned before and Bluetooth 4.0. And with bluetooth there comes a questions. Can it send files to another device ?? No still not :)) And it hasn't got NFC which is now starting to be even more popular.

Because device is thinner. There must be also improvements in camera. So its better than before and engineeres of Apple managed to make nearly same camera but to a smaller space. Apple also boast that it has "probably the most interesting feature" Panorama. But this has every phone now. So nothing new.

So thats it not too much I told you that :))

In this case I'm better for Nokia 920 which brings wireless charging. Display technology which can be controlled by gloves and Pureview camera. I think from the death of Steven Jobs apple has empty pockets to make anything amazing.

There are a few links for you

Apple keynote where was the new Iphone and also new Ipod touch released.

And some conclusion about all new things that apple has

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