27. ledna 2011

Nokia BH-217 headset small review

The new Nokia headset BH-217. 

This headset is in stores for few weeks but i recommend you to buy it because it has lots of great features such as three months stand-by time. It has a great DSP function to suppress the ambient noise. It can easily be switch on and off on its own if it is out or in the holder. 
You can also pair two devices at the same time to it. It is also universally compatible, which means you can connect it to what ever phone you want. You will get these things in basic packet: the AC-3E charger (don´t know why the smaller and ergonomic AC-15E isnt there), the car holder and clip holder. In the basic packet, there are also two kinds of ear plugs to fit your ear size and the two plastic holders on you ear. 
 Headset is really light and small. The controlling of headset is also easy. There is one button. On the first push you can pair the devices (i tried that on my N8 and it is the question of 3seconds). You can pair another if you hold the button for several seconds. And if you hold for five seconds it will easily switch off.

The distance in which you can hear the call or a music is really long, i tried that in house.
My mobile was downstairs and the headset upstairs over three doors it works good with some interference but good. Thanks for reading

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