16. ledna 2011

Free games from OVI store

Free games available on OVI store 

If you want really great looking HD games and download them for free, go to ovi store. There are some great titles that should not be overlooked. I will look at some of them.

Angry Birds
 This so-called slot-game from Rovio is based on the story when some birds have their eggs with youngs and the bad green pigs stole them and dig themself under ground. So your objective is to broke their hiding places and give them what for. 
The game is really easy but you must think you pull the catapult with bird. There are several different types of birds when every of them has some different attacking options. This is not a free game but you can try it in six levels, where you can see these types of birds. Really worth to play (and buy), great musical accompaniement and lots of hours fun.

Galaxy on fire
Game is developed by fishlabs. They are really good at detail. Every game from them is unique, including this spacecraft adventure shooter. Details are awesome and also the sound is well done. You can choose between campaign or play survival mode. And i can tell you that you will not survive.
 Real Golf 2011
This sport game from Gameloft including some of the famous names in golf including Join Lee Westwood or Natalie Gulbis. It has really nice graphics and it is easy to handle. You can choose from free game or play tournament like in real golf. You can also post your best score on leaderboard to show to other players how are good at it.

Need for speed Shift
Racing game from EA games is based on their great PC title. Some things from PC game is also included in mobile version. There are lot of types of cars and theyre made in very great detail. You can even have the inside view while racing. Game is controlable through touch screen or with orientation sensor. You can play carrer or just quick race.

Tron tanks
This game from Disney is based on the great new film Tron. You objectives is to get to the end with tank using different types of weapons. Game excels with great musical accompaniement and awesome detailed environment.

Roller Coaster Extreme
Great fun with riding on the craziest tracks in Roller coaster. Your objective is to catch the points and to avoid bad marks. Your using orientation sensor for controlling the game. I like nice nearly cartoon towns. They´re made with details. Worth to play.

Every game that i mentioned is available for free on OVI store except Angry birds (which are for low price) so make those OVI browsers start downloading. 

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