11. srpna 2011

Asphalt 6: adrenaline review

          Hello everyone. Few days ago Gameloft finally relesed something that lots of people are waiting for. They release Symbian ^3 version of their "new" Asphalt 6 with subtitle Adrenaline. Is it a real adrenaline or not. Lets see.
          When you start the game, usual gameloft animation will welcome you and than your looking at the starting screen with Pagani Zonda. Loading is quite fast :)

         Then there's so called alive menu with your actual car. Alive because you can see trees moving outside.
You can choose from Career, free race where you can choose only from cars that you've unlocked in Career mod. Then interactive garage where you can walk freely. Finally in Asphalt 6 there is a multiplayer available.

Career mode
         In career mode you can find some kind of point system, where you must reach some amount of points to unlock cars and new maps to race.

You can also unlock new cars, maps and also new upgrades or paintjobs for you car. You can choose from many hues for your car.

You can also choose from different vinyls, new paintjobs are unlocked when you win more races.

Cars have also good upgrading system which is also ugrading when your winning more and more races.

And you are also unlocking new sponsors by racing. Each sponsor will give you some special improvement for your car or some money for winning e.g. first place.

There are many super cars known all around the world including Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Zonda, Ferrari Italia, Fiat 500 Abarth and many more. And finally motorcycles are also here.

And some shots from your garage where you can move freely.

Multiplayer mode will add you another hours of fun. With support for 6 players it will be really great challenge for everybody. You can play on online with other players from all around the world or just Local game over wifi or bluetooth.

There are some mods which you can play or you need to play to unlock new stuff. 
Normal race - Who come first, win. Simple
Elimination - Each race one opponent who is last is eliminated till the only one remains. It must be you.
Beat'em all - Wreck all six opponent cars during race and you will win.
Duel - Your racing with only one opponent
Drift - More drift, a bigger chance to win
Collector - You must collect three checkpoint points sooner than your opponents

And also some another mods. There are many of them

Graphic page of the game is really better from past Asphalts. Rain is making raindrops on your screen. In another maps is snowing. Crashes are looking better. And HUD is also reworked. There is a special feature when you reach full Nitro you will get "adrenaline" which gives you big boost for limited amount of time.

As usual there are pick-ups like nitro or money or fast speedboost


You can set easily your controls. There are few basic settings and you can customize them for your liking.

And thats all hope you like my review. If you want some gameplay video watch my short gameplay.

And don't forget to buy this game on Ovi Store. Its really worth it. And for only £3.

Its available for all symbian ^3 device on Ovi store

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