24. srpna 2011

New nokia phones and Symbian Belle

Nokia Symbian launch event in Hong Kong brings new mobile phones with new reworked Symbian Belle and also Symbian Belle itself and new NFC enabled headset. Update for "old" devices like Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, E7, X7 will be available in the 4th quarter this year, this mean we can expect it from october. SO everybody now hoped that we will get it as soon as possible. Some of you are now using leaked version of Symbian Belle but you're missing a lot of features which will have the final version. So let's take a look at new Nokia phones and symbian belle..............

first is Nokia 600, as you can see Nokia started using new number system for their mobile phone names. First number represent what functions mobile phone have, so the highest number the better phone.

Nokia 600 - is the phone with best speakers in the world. Like they said loud and proud. It has FM transmitter, NFC chip, 5mpx full focus camera with HD recording. And also the new 1GHz procesor which I heared will have some new GPU chip hope its true :)

And it will cost around EUR 180.

Another new phone is 
Nokia 700 - you can see the first number, this phone is in something better. Like they said it is the smallest smartphone in the world. It has only 110 x 50.7 x 9.7 mm. It has also FM transmitter and 5mpx full focus camera with HD recording. Display is amoled and it comes with Gorilla glass protection against scratches. It has also NFC chip enabled, great function indeed. And it has also one plus for the nature, its made from recycled materials.

And it will cost about EUR 270

Last phone from today's symbian launch is
Nokia 701 - Design looks same as Nokia C7 but it has better procesor now 1GHz. Camera is same 8mpx fullfocus with HD recording and it also brings new Symbian Belle and NFC chip. And nokia called it the "the phone with the brightness screen in the world" thanks to amoled and clear black technology.

And it will cost around EUR 290.

This phone from the three which were announced today is my favourite one, shame that it has still fullfocus camera.

Nokia also announced NFC enabled headset for these phone 
Its called Nokia Essence bluetooth headset and it has NFC chip inside so its easier to pair it. And also it has as the first headset Active Noise Cancelation which really works and I've already tested it on Nokia BH-905i (powerfull headphones)

And finally we will take a look at the new Symbian Belle which will come preinstalled to these three phones and also latter to the older ones.

Symbian Belle is a big step forward in symbian developing. It finally has more than three homescreens, now you can have up to six HS. It has widgets with different sizes freely movable on homescreens. It has many many choices of shortcuts for application and everything is made in QT so its really really smooth and fast. Music player, web browser, calendar, email and every other stuff here in Symbian Belle is reworked to look better and work better. We have finally 
the status bar which is down pullable and including every fast setting you want e.g. for BT, wifi, Profiles and so on and also has notification function for example missed calls and messages. There is a new navigation bar now without text but with small icons so we have more space at our screens.It comes also with NFC support for more and more devices which will arrive.

And also some videos from already leaked symbian belle

So thats it a hope you liked my article and I hope that Symbian Belle and Nokia 701 which I really like come really soon.

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